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Leeds Housing Claims is obligated to ensure a safe and up to date online experience to help keep any personal information secure while using our website. By using the website you consent to the practices and details within this statement.

Collection of your personal information

Leeds Housing Claims website collects information that is personally identifiable to you, including names, telephone numbers, email addresses and potentially home addresses. The information is required by use for simple contact and business purposes. With your permission your information may be forwarded to a number of different legal solicitors nationwide or to claims management companies, this will only be done as part of the claiming process. Otherwise your information will not be shared to anyone outside of our business sphere of operation.

Our website also collects digital information including computer and software hardware that is automatically detected and gathered by our website. This information includes; IP addresses, search engines, used, access times and computer software used. This information helps us to understand our audience demographic better, allowing us to tailor our business practices and services to the information we obtain. We will under no circumstances share this information.

Statement Changes

From time to time Leeds Housing Claims may make amendments to our privacy policy. We recommend that you check back and review this statement so that there are no new additions that you are not comfortable with.

Contact Information

We welcome all feedback and comments related to our privacy policy.

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